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How Rocks Become Sand

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Topic – Where does sand come from?

 If you live in the north you may already have experienced winter conditions prior to Halloween! Here is a way to explain something that happens in nature in winter to your residents.

Materials needed: sandsstone (ask a local stone dealer for scraps),

plastic ziplock bags, water and freezer.

Process: Show the residents the sandstone.  (If possible take photos for before and after images.) Soak sandstone in water for 24 hours. Remove from water and place the sandstone in plastic ziplock bags. Freeze for 48 hours. Remove and let residents examine the rocks.

What happened: The sandstone absorbed some water in the air spaces between the sand particles. When the water froze it expanded. This expansion forces the sandstone to break apart where the cracks formed.

In nature, this is the process that breaks rocks into pebbles and eventually into sand.