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June – Planting Experiment

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

June is the perfect time for planting and learning about plants. Here is an experiment I learned as a girl growing up on a farm. It’s a perfect way to show residents how seeds sprout and grow into plants.

Materials: Corn, ziplock bag, water, paper towels, masking tape and lots of sunshine.

Process: Soak three paper towels in water, wring excess and place in a u shape at the bottom of a plastic ziplock bag. Now add several corn seeds inside the paper towel u, making sure the corn is visible. Seal the plastic bag and attach the bag by masking tape to a window that gets lots of sun. Within about a week, the corn will sprout!

Remove the corn and let residents see how the seeds sprout. You can then transfer the seeds to potting soil where the residents can watch the tiny seeds complete the process of becoming a plant.