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Making Music – Water Experiment

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

May 1- 7 is Making Muisic Week. Did you know Americans own more musical instruments than any other country?  Americans purchase 42.7 percent of the world’s instrument; our closest competitor is Japan at 15.6 percent. Eighty-two percent of Americans beleive music is important and 52 perecnt of U.S. houses are home to a musician! ( 2006 Gallup poll). Music has been scientificially proven to reduce stress, according to a 2009 study in the Journal of Geronotogical Nursing.

Materials: seven same sized glass bottles, water, wooden spoon and musical tuner.

Process: Fill one bottle half full and adjust with water until it is pitch middle C. Next fill and test the other bottles until the pitch matches the other notes – D,E,F,G,A & B.  Hit the bottles one at a time with the spoon and make a tune!

Science behind the experiment: The water level in the bottle fills up space in which the sound waves vibrate thus changing the way the resulting sounds are  heard.