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April – Acid Rain

Sunday, March 27th, 2011

This month’s experiment - 

How to test if your

rainwater is acid rain.

Acid rain is caused by pollutants in the atmosphere from th burning of fossil fuels.  Particles from cars and factories blown into the air mix with rain water and form a poison falling back to the ground and harming plants and waterways.

Supplies: two paper cups, rainwater, 2 tablespoons of red cabbage juice, small amount of lemon juice, and a clean jar.


Process: Collect rain water in a clean jar. Put a tablespoon of red cabbage juice in each of the paper cups and number the cups.

In equal amounts add rainwater to cup 1 and lemon juice to cup 2. Compare. If the rain water turns pink, like the lemon juice water, your rain water has a very high acid content.

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March experiment – Solar System Guide

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

As Discovery makes its last voyage into space, I thought I would share this very neat of idea of using a roll of toilet paper to demonstate the vastness of our solar system.  Roll this project out and amaze your residents!! This idea comes from Project:ASTRO

Take a 200 sheet roll of toilet paper and small photos of the sun and planets – you can print these from a NASA site – then mark off the sheets as follows:

Sun – first sheet

Mercury : two sheets

Venus: 3.7

Earth 5.2

Mars: 7.7

Juipiter: 26.4

Saturn 48.4

Uranus: 97.3

Neptune: 152.5

**Remember – Pluto is no longer a planet.